Watch/Look/See – Free Exercise

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Are the sentences correct or incorrect?

  1. Can you see the rainbow on the horizon?
    To have the power/ability of sight|Keyword: can → see
  2. You look badly today. Is everything ok?
    Use look + adjective to describe appearance|badly is an adverb
  3. David looks TV every night.
    Fixed expression → watch TV
  4. Look! Is that superman?
    Direct your eyes, deliberate action → look
  5. They have been seeing each other for a few months now.
    Seeing = dating/meeting

Choose look, see or watch to complete the sentences.

  1. Can you go and whether the post has been delivered or not?Keyword: whether|Meaning of check or find out see
  2. I you on the high street yesterday. I waved, but you didn’t at me.1. Passive, one-time action, something crosses your line of sight → see|2. Deliberate action of directing your eyes|Keyword atlook
  3. Have you the latest James Bond film.see/watch a film or TV programme
  4. They went to the beach to the surfing competition.Observe something that develops, changes or moves for a longer period of time → watch
  5. What are you at?Direct your eyes towards something deliberately|Keyword: atlook

Complete the sentences with look, see, or watch.

  1.   at that big dog!Direct your eyes towards something deliberately|Keyword at look
  2. You   different. What have you done to your hair?use look + adjective to describe appearance
  3. I can’t  , it’s too dark in here.Have the power, ability of sight|Keyword: can’t → see|We use can/can’t with the verb see to give it a progressive meaning
  4. The police have been   their suspect for more than a week.Observe something that moves, changes or develops for a longer period of time → watch
  5. – Omar forgot his mobile.
    – I’m   him later tonight, I can give it back to him.seeing = dating/meeting