When/If – Free Exercise

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Choose when or if.

  1. Some birds migrate south the weather gets cold.we are sure the weather will get cold → when
  2. you are not home in the next 10 mintues, you will be in a lot of trouble.in the event that → if
  3. I won’t come, George is coming. I don’t like him.in the event that → if
  4. I grow up, I want to be an astronaut.we are sure to grow up → when
  5. they don’t like ice-cream, they can eat cake.in the event that → if

Complete the sentences with when or if.

  1.   the weather stays nice and warm, we can go to the beach.we are not sure that the weather will stay warm → if
  2.   you see Sarah, tell her I say hi.2 options: Option 1: you might see Sarah → if|Option 2: you will definitely see Sarah → when
  3. He promised to call   he arrives.We are sure he will arrive → when
  4. It will be cold   the sun goes down.we are sure the sun will go down (it always does) → when
  5.   I get tired, I will have an afternoon nap.whenever → if/when