Who/Whom – Free Exercise

display incorrect answers


Complete the sentence with a correct option. Use whom when possible.

  1. To it may concern.preposition to, set phrase for writing → whom
  2. I asked a good friend of mine, I’ve known since childhood.object of the verb knowwhom
  3. My friend Rob, works in IT, can fix any tech problem.subject of the verb workwho
  4. told you this information?question word to ask about the subject of the sentence → who
  5. did you ask for advice?object of the verb askwhom

Rewrite the sentences using who.

Remember, when whom follows a preposition we place this at the end of the reformulated sentence.

Example: To whom did you send the email? → Who did you send the email to?

  1. It belonged to my grandad, whom I loved dearly. → It belonged to my grandad,  
  2. With whom are you chatting on the photo? →   on the photo?
  3. For whom is the gift? →  
  4. Christina, whom I hardly know, asks very personal questions. → Christina,   asks very personal questions.
  5. I asked Rich, whom they fired last week. → I asked Rich,   last week.