Will/Want – Free Exercise

display incorrect answers


Decide if you need will or the correct form of want in the sentences.

  1. I’ve never to go on a cruise.present perfect simple tense, preposition towanted
  2. I’m pretty sure he find a better group of friends once he goes to uni.signal word sure, no preposition → will
  3. Do you to have a drink with me?auxiliary do, preposition towant
  4. I’m really shocked that he come to the wedding.no auxiliary, preposition towill
  5. I really a better job, but there are no opportunities in my company.noun a better jobwant
  6. Do you think you have enough time to finish everything?prediction, no preposition → will
  7. Last weekend we to go swimming, but the weather was bad.past tense, preposition towant
  8. He didn’t have a so they divided the money equally between his living family members.legal papers for after death → will
  9. you come here for a minute please?request, no auxiliary → will
  10. He to check with you first but he didn’t have time. past tense, preposition towant