Parts of the Body (1)

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Going to a fitness class in English? Make sure you’re prepared with our vocabulary list.

Learn ten parts of the body then test yourself in the exercises.

Parts of the Body

  1. head
  2. hand
  3. arm
  4. chest
  5. stomach/belly (plural: bellies)
  6. leg
  7. thigh
  8. knee
  9. back
  10. bottom/bum

Chest or breast?

The word chest can refer to the chest area of either a man or a woman. Breast only has this meaning in an older literary sense.

A very effective stretching exercise for your legs is bringing your knee to your chest.

In modern usage, the word breast mostly refers to a woman’s breasts (e.g. to talk about nursing or breast feeding babies, buying bras, or breast cancer).

Many women wear sports bras to support their breasts during fitness classes.