Vocabulary Test (2)

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Exercises A2

Choose the correct word for each space.

  1. At Christmas you always see a lot of stressed people in town, shopping for for their families. Luckily, I already bought and wrapped mine a long time ago.
  2. I’m going to sit cozily in the living room. When the fire is blazing in the , it puts me in the right mood to write a to all my relatives.
  3. We always decorate our house festively for Christmas. Every year we have at least two – we hang one of them on the front door, and we decorate the other with candles and place it on the kitchen table.
  4. On the morning of Christmas Eve, we put up the .
  5. We put new lightbulbs into the chains of , hang lots of pretty on the branches, and put an on the top of the tree.
  6. Then it’s time to wait for .
  7. In order to pass the time, we sing Christmas songs and crack nuts with the .

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