Vocabulary Test (2)

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Exercises A2

Complete the sentences with the correct words. You may only use each word once.

  1. Ireland is famous for growing .
  2. During the summer, my grandma makes a large jug of homemade . It’s so refreshing in the heat.
  3. Can you buy an at the supermarket, please? I want to make guacamole for dinner.
  4. My sister is a pescatarian. That means that she doesn’t eat , but sometimes she eats .
  5. At the Oktoberfest in Munich, you can eat Bavarian and drink huge mugs of .
  6. The Italian city of Bologna is world-famous for its .
  7. Jenny only drinks red , she doesn’t like white.
  8. In the autumn, you can pick in the forest near the village. But be careful you don’t pick any poisonous ones!

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