Vocabulary Test (2)

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Exercises A2

Complete the sentences with the correct words. You may only use each word once.

  1. If you eat lots of , you will be able to see better in the dark.
  2. My eyes water whenever I slice an .
  3. Do you like the pasta sauce? I made it with the from my greenhouse.
  4. If you’re afraid of vampires, you should eat plenty of .
  5. I like cooking the French way; with herbs, shallots and lots of butter.
  6. We went to afternoon tea at the Ritz. We drank champagne and ate tiny sandwiches. It was all very elegant.
  7. Do you like moussaka? It’s a Greek dish made with .
  8. I often add to my salads. I love the slight peppery taste.
  9. Broccoli and look similar, but taste completely different.
  10. One of my favourite recipes is stuffed with rice and baked in the oven. It’s healthy and delicious!

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