Vocabulary Test (2)

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Exercises A2

Choose the missing word for every space.

  1. I prefer to travel by train. I rarely travel by .
  2. I just called Laura. She and Julia have arrived safely in Malta. Everything’s gone without a hitch! They’re waiting for their suitcases at the right now.
  3. We actually wanted to leave on holiday yesterday, but Florian forgot his , so we had to stay here.
  4. Kate purchased some antique art in Egypt, and now she’s having problems with .
  5. When Tristan travels, he always brings at least two suitcases. He packs them so full that he wouldn’t even be able to carry them to the check-in counter without using a .
  6. Look, dad! Our plane is already on the !
  7. When I was little, I always wanted to sit in the cockpit myself. I wanted to become a .
  8. – Do I have to show my passport again?
    – No, before you go on board you just have to present your .
  9. – I’d really like some tomato juice right now!
    – You can order some from the .
  10. In a few minutes we will be getting into the plane. We’ve already been to the check-in counter and handed over our baggage. Now we’re waiting at the .

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