Possessive Case of Nouns – Free Exercise

display incorrect answers


Regular or irregular plural? Complete the sentences with the correct possessive form: ’s or .

  1. Steve has two brothers. Steve is not allowed to take his (brother)   toys without asking.regular plural ending in -s: add an apostrophe (’) brothers’
  2. The (woman)   national football team won on Saturday.irregular plural: add ’s women’s
  3. The zoo keeper did his round and put food in all the (animal)   cages.regular plural ending in -s: add an apostrophe (’) animals’
  4. The first day of the summer holidays is the (child)   favourite day of the year.irregular plural: add ’s children’s
  5. Hannah has lots of friends. Two of them have their birthday on the same day. Hannah is buying a dress for her (friend)   joint birthday party.regular plural ending in -s: add an apostrophe (’) friends’

Rewrite the underlined parts of the sentences using possessives with of.

  1. The competition’s winners will be announced later.
    → The   will be announced later.noun + of + noun
  2. The hotel’s reviews are all five stars.
    → The   are all five stars.noun + of + noun
  3. A captain’s job is to motivate the team.
    → The   is to motivate the team. noun + of + noun
  4. The students’ needs are very different.
    → The   are very different.noun + of + noun
  5. The car’s owner is German.
    →The   is German.noun + of + noun

Choose the correct options to complete the sentences.

  1. That’s .use the possessive ’s with living things
  2. I was bored during .use the possessive with of with words like beginning, middle, end …
  3. Do you have ?use the possessive ’s with time periods
  4. The is Scruffy.use the possessive s with living things
  5. What was ?use the possessive with of when the noun phrase is very long