Past Perfect Progressive – Free Exercise

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Complete the sentences using the past perfect progressive.

  1. Laura needed a break because she (study)   all morning.had + been + -ing form
  2. Lorraine (learn)   English for 12 years before she moved to England.had + been + ing-form
  3. I didn’t go out last night because I (work)   all day.had + been + -ing form
  4. Orla felt fit for the marathon because she (train)   a lot. + been + -ing form
  5. When I went to see Ms Winter, her secretary told me that she (speak)   on the phone for two hours.had + been + -ing form
  6. You got sick because you (eat)   the whole time.had + been + -ing form
  7. The musician (live)   in this town for ten years when he became director of the opera house.had + been + -ing form|-e at the end of a word is removed before adding -ing
  8. We (go)   out with each other for two years before I met his family.had + been + -ing form
  9. The passengers (wait)   for four hours before the ground staff could finally give them information on the delay of their flight.had + been + -ing form
  10. I (drive)   in the wrong direction for an hour before I noticed my mistake.had + been + ing form|e at the end of a word is removed when adding -ing