Past Progressive – Free Exercise

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Yesterday at nine o’clock, these people were right in the middle of doing something. What were they doing?
Type in the verbs in the Past Progressive.

  1. Richard (work)   on his computer at 9 o’clock person → was|verb + ing
  2. Lucy and Tom (have)   dinner.several people → were|e at the end of a word is removed when adding ing: have → having
  3. I (read)   an article in the person → was|verb + ing
  4. The children (watch)   a film on TV at that time.several people → were|verb + ing
  5. Paula (chat)   on the phone with a person → was|final consonant after a short stressed vowel is doubled when adding ing: chat → chatting

Complete the sentences with the past progressive of the verbs in brackets.

  1. When I came into the living room, the cats (sit)   on the table.the cats → were|final consonant is doubled after a short stressed vowel: sitsitting
  2. I knew that he (lie)   to me.hewas|ie becomes y when adding ing.
  3. We (play)   Monopoly when our neighbours rang at the door.wewere|verb + ing
  4. Helen (listen)   to the radio when she heard a noise in the garden.Helen → was|verb + ing
  5. I (prepare)   dinner yesterday when I noticed that the cooker (work/not)  .I/the cookerwas|prepare: e at the end of a word is removed when adding ing.

Write questions in the Past Progressive.

  1. What (you/do)   yesterday at six?youwere|verb + ing
  2. (Jane/practise)   the piano when you came home?Janewas|e at the end of a word is removed when adding ing|American spelling also possible: practice → practicing
  3. Why (you/laugh)  ?youwere|verb + ing
  4. What (they/discuss)   in class?theywere|verb + ing
  5. (you/wait)   for a long time?youwere|verb + ing