Infinitive/Gerund – Free Exercise

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Choose between the infinitive (with or without to) and the gerund to complete the sentences.

  1. The boys say that it is very easy up that tree.easy to do something
  2. They hardly go nowadays.go swimming/shopping etc.
  3. Don’t let him so long.let somebody do something
  4. When I was a child, we used my grandparents every week.habitual action in the past: used to do something
  5. Are you used to up early?habitual action in the present: be used to doing something|Note: the to here is not indicating the infinitive, but rather forms part of the verb with used

Complete the sentences using the infinitive (with or without to) and the gerund of the verbs in brackets.

  1. Last week my friends and I were busy (prepare)   a surprise party for our friend busy doing something
  2. She is very keen on (travel)   and had been abroad for some keen on doing something
  3. So why not (welcome)   her on her return?why not do something
  4. We asked her parents (give)   us the keys to her flat.ask someone to do something
  5. They liked our idea and offered (help)   us.offer to do something
  6. When Judy arrived at the airport yesterday, she was a bit disappointed about none of us (be)   there and her parents pretended not (know) disappointed about somebody doing something|pretend to do something
  7. But when she came home, she was happy (see)   everybody delighted to do something
  8. Although she hates (speak)   in front of many people, we made her (tell)   us about her time abroad.hate doing something|make somebody do something