Participles – Free Exercise

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Write the participles for the following verbs.

present participlepast participleperfect participle
work      regular verb: basic form + ing/ed
go      regular present participle|irregular past form (go-went-gone); for past/perfect participle we need the third form
come      an e at the end of the word is left off when adding ing|irregular verb (come-came-come); for past/perfect participle we need the third form, which happens to be the same as the basic form in this case

Decide which form is correct (present participle or past participle).

  1. The documentary was rather .interesting - of interest|interested - showing interest
  2. Everybody was to hear the news.shocking - causing shock|shocked - feeling shock
  3. to New York, I met a TV presenter.flown indicates the passive, which would be unusual in this case, because fly, even when meaning to be transported as a passenger in an airplane, is used in the active.|knowing - having knowledge|known - being known about
  4. in the fifteenth century, this house is one of the oldest in this area.passive → past participle
  5. The children were sitting on the floor with their toys.action that the children are performing at the same moment → present participle

Type in the verb in the correct form (present participle, past participle or perfect participle).

  1. (prepare)   by the best cook in town, the meal was sheer poetry.passive (the meal was prepared) → past participle
  2. (study)   all day, her head was aching in the evening.action took place earlier → perfect participle
  3. (lie)   on the sofa, they were watching TV.actions took place at the same time → present participle
  4. (run)   five miles, he noticed that he had lost his keys on the way.action took place earlier → perfect participle
  5. Before (leave)   the house, I always check if all lights are switched-off.action takes place regularly → present participle