Participles – Free Exercise

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Write the present participles of the verbs.

do → doing
  1. work →  infinitive + -ing
  2. move →  remove the final -e before adding -ing
  3. plan →  double the final consonant after a short, stressed vowel before adding -ing
  4. travel →  infinitive + -ing|British English doubles the final -l of travel before adding -ing
  5. lie →  change -ie to -y before adding -ing

Write the past participles of the verbs.

do → done
  1. eat →  irregular verb: eat-ate-eaten
  2. sell →  irregular verb: sell-sold-sold
  3. walk →  infinitive + -ed
  4. paint →  infinitive + -ed
  5. teach →  irregular verb: teach-taught-taught

Choose the correct participle form to complete the sentences.

  1. This is the best food that I’ve ever !perfect tense → past participle
  2. I can’t talk right now, I’m for an important tense → present participle
  3. The documentary was really .describing something that causes a feeling|the documentary interests the speaker → present participle
  4. This vase was by a local artist.passive voice → past participle
  5. Can I help you? You seem .describing a feeling → past participle