Phrasal Verbs – Free Exercise

display incorrect answers


Choose the correct phrasal verb.

  1. It’s warm in here. Why don’t you your coat?take off = undress
  2. The meeting today was for no off = cancel
  3. I could a with = need
  4. Quick, the taxi.get in = enter (car/taxi)
  5. Yesterday, I a word that I had never heard before.come across = find by chance

Which phrasal verb could we use to rephrase each sentence below?

  1. Prices have fallen. → Prices have .
  2. His application was rejected. → His application was .
  3. The bomb exploded. → The bomb .
  4. Our friends are visiting us tonight. → Our friends are tonight.
  5. He resembles his father in appearance. → He his father.

What do the sentences mean?

  1. She broke up with her boyfriend.
  2. He brought up his dinner.
  3. I feel a bit run down today.
  4. The meeting has been put off.
  5. The thief got away.