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Practise or practice?

Practise and practise are often used incorrectly in written English. Native speakers often confuse the two different spellings of these words, but the difference is quite simple: in British English practice is a noun and practise is a verb; in American English practice is both. Let's take a closer look. Remember to practise in the free interactive exercises.

American English

In American English, practice is always spelled with a c, regardless of whether it is a verb or a noun.

Tessa has softball practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays. (noun)
If you want to improve, you have to practice every day. (verb)

British English

In British English, practice is spelled with a c when it is a noun.

Tessa has two practices a week. (noun)

When practise is a verb, it is spelled with s.

They are very good because they practise every day. (verb)