Conjunctions – Free Exercise

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Coordinating conjunctions

Choose the correct coordinating conjunction to complete the sentence.

  1. She invited Marco Theresa to the party.addition → and
  2. What kind of music do you like, classical hip hop?alternative → or
  3. It’s a beautiful day, we are going to the park.connecting a reason to a result → so
  4. I went to London I didn’t see the Queen. contrast → but
  5. He practises the piano everyday he wants to be a musician. connecting a result to a reason → for

Correlative Conjunctions

Complete the sentences with missing part of the correlative conjunctions.

  1. No sooner had we sat down for lunch   it started to rain. correlative conjunction expressing time → no sooner … than
  2. Either you behave yourself   you will get detention.correlative conjunction expressing alternative → either … or
  3. I am not as tall   you.correlative conjunction expressing comparison → as … as
  4. Both Sally   Susan were late to the meeting.correlative conjunction expressing addition → both … and
  5. Neither Bradley   Angelica knew the answer.correlative conjunction expressing alternative → neither … nor

Subordinating Conjunctions

Choose the correct subordinating conjunction to complete the sentence.

  1. My friend often goes to London, I have never been there.contrast/contradiction → whereas
  2. She earns a lot of money she is a very famous actress.The reason is given in the second part of the sentence → because
  3. Last night there was a power outage we were watching TV.time: an action that's already occurring is interrupted by a new action → while
  4. He gave me his phone number I can call him any time.result/purpose → so that
  5. it was so dark on the way home, I used my torch.The reason is given in the first part of the sentence, so the conjunction comes before the first part of the sentence → since