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What’s the difference between wear and carry?

Do you wear jeans or carry them? Learn the difference between these confusing English verbs below, then put your knowledge to the test in the free exercises.


It’s raining today so Melanie is wearing a raincoat and wellies.

In one hand she is carrying an umbrella and in the other she has some books.

Today she has to carry so many books that she can’t fit them all in her bag.


  • have something on your body, for example: clothes, sunscreen, glasses, jewellery or make-up
Melanie is wearing a raincoat and wellies.
Melanie isn’t wearing her glasses.
  • style your hair in a particular way
Melanie is wearing her hair in a ponytail.
The policeman wears a moustache.


  • take something/someone from one place to another
Melanie is carrying a heavy bag.
In her bag, she is carrying books home from school.
  • take something with you everywhere you go
Melanie always carries an umbrella in her bag.
In some countries, police carry guns.
I never carry much money on me when I travel.