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What’s the difference between good and well?

Good is an adjective and well is an adverb. It’s not always is easy to know which one to choose and sometimes even native speakers get confused. Master the difference with Lingolia then put your knowledge to the test in the exercise.


Michaela is a good tennis player. She practises every day which is why she plays so well.

Ben is checking her tennis racket and says that the strings feel good.

Ben is good at his job. He sells a lot of tennis rackets because he has a well-rehearsed speech.

Michaela isn’t feeling well today so she isn’t going to play tennis later.


Michaela is a good tennis player.
the adjective good describes the noun tennis player
  • Use good after linking verbs (appear, be, become, seem, feel, look, smell, taste etc).
The tennis racket feels good. (not: feels well)
Ben is good at his job. (not: Ben is well at his job.)
  • Linking verbs connect a noun with an adjective. To check if a verb is a linking verb or not replace it with be. If the sentence still makes sense, then the verb is a linking verb.
The soup tastes good.
The soup is good.


Michaela plays tennis well.
the adverb well describes the verb plays
  • Use well with action verbs such as dance, walk, jump, swim, laugh, speak, eat etc.
Ben sells tennis rackets well.
Ben has a well-rehearsed speech.
  • Use well as adjective that means in good health.
Michaela isn’t feeling well today.