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What’s the difference between and

Learners of English often confuse here and there. The location of the speaker dictates which adverb we should use. Read on to learn when to use here and there in English, then test yourself in the free interactive exercises.


+ Hello?

- Hi! Where are you?

+ I'm already here. I’m sitting down with a coffee.

- Ok. I’m not there yet. I'm still on the tram. Order me a cup of tea, I’ll be there soon.

+ Ok, Bye.

- Bye!

Here vs. there

Here and there are adverbs of place. Use here for places where the speaker currently is and there for other places.

I’m already here. I’m sitting down with a coffee.
Here refers to the speaker’s current location.
I’m not there yet. I'm on the tram.
There refers to a location away from where the speaker currently is.

Come/go,take/bring and this/that have similar differences in meaning.