Christmas in Canada: Tomfoolery in Newfoundland

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Preguntas de comprensión lectora B1

Lee el texto y ordena las afirmaciones según la información se menciona en el texto.

  1. The tradition of mummering starts in Rome.
  2. In Canada, people dress in costumes and masks and play the fool.
  3. People are forbidden from mummering in public.
  4. A song about mummering becomes very popular.
  5. Mummering is embraced by young and old with festivals and parades taking place each year.

Vuelve a leer el texto y responde a las preguntas.

  1. When did people start mummering in Canada?En el texto: Mummering also called Jennying or Jannying is a folk tradition that actually dates back to 1819 in Canada
  2. What do mummers do?En el texto: Once in disguise, a group of mummers will visit the home of a friend, neighbour or family member to perform a joke, song or dance.
  3. Why did people think they could get away with murder?En el texto: Some people took advantage of the masked costumes to rob houses and carry out violent attacks.
  4. What is important about mummering today?En el texto: Emphasis is placed on silly homemade costumes which take advantage of household items such as curtains, blankets underwear, pillows and shoes on the wrong feet.