The Extremely Loud Building Site

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Lee el texto otra vez y completa las oraciones palabras del texto.

  1. The   is the tallest thing in the neighbourhood.En el texto: The crane is so high that it towers over the other buildings in the neighbourhood.
  2. The dump truck, the radio and the   are the loudest things on the building site.In the text: I can hear the digger chugging, the dump truck unloading new materials and the radio playing all day long.
  3. The   is responsible for building the walls.En el texto: The bricklayer takes cement from the mixer and uses a trowel to lay the bricks for the wall.
  4. The most important tool for laying bricks is a  .En el texto: The bricklayer … uses a trowel to lay the bricks for the wall.
  5. The   is responsible for the pipes and the   deals with the lights.In the text: The plumber installs pipes for plumbing and later an electrician will install the lights.
  6. The site is surrounded by a   for safety reasons.En el texto: There is a barrier blocking it from the street.