Christmas in New Zealand: The World’s Creepiest Christmas Ornament

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  1. An idea or invention which is considered to be a particular person's creation. (párrafo 1)En el texto: He was the brainchild of Farmers department store …
  2. The state of being broken or old and needing to be repaired. (párrafo 2)En el texto: By the time Stephen Hanford purchased Santa for $1 in 1998, the statue had fallen into a state of disrepair.
  3. Be in an uncertain or critical state. (párrafo 2)En el texto: Santa’s fate hung in the balance once more
  4. Pay for something, especially when the amount is considered large or unreasonable. (párrafo 3)En el texto: The city of Auckland pondered whether the Aucklanders would be willing to foot the bill for the oversized Christmas ornament.
  5. To be the best or most important thing. (párrafo 3)En el texto: Others campaigned that tradition reigned supreme and that Giant Santa was an integral part of the cultural landscape in Auckland.