Conditional Conjunctions

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What are conditional conjunctions?

Conditional conjunctions are words that we can use instead of if in conditional sentences. The most common conditional conjunctions are: provided that, providing that, as long as, supposing, on condition that.

Read on to learn the different conditional conjunctions in English, then put your knowledge to the test in the exercises.


Dear valued customer,

Thank you for your order.

Provided that all items are in stock, your order will be dispatched in 2–3 working days.

As long as there are no changes to your order, it will arrive within 10 working days. Your package will be delivered by local courier unless it contains heavy goods.

After dispatch, customers will be able to track their order online provided that they have access to the tracking number.

Exact delivery time will be communicated via phone as long as we have a current telephone number on file.

Should the estimated delivery date change, we will contact you via email.

Kind regards,

Your Customer Service Team

How to use conditional conjunctions

We can use the following conjunctions instead of if:

Conjunction Meaning Example
provided that
providing that
on (the) condition that
(only …) if

Your order will be dispatched in 2 working days provided that all items are in stock.

= Your order will only be dispatched if all items are in stock.

as long as
so long as
(only …) if

Items may be returned as long as they are unworn.

= Items may only be returned if they are unworn.

unless if … not

Unless it contains heavy goods, your package will be delivered by local courier.

= If it does not contain heavy goods, …

supposing (what) if

Supposing my order is delayed, will they refund the delivery costs?

= What if my order is delayed, …