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What’s the difference between carry and bring?

Carry and bring have related, but not identical meanings: we use bring when something is taken towards the speaker, whereas we use carry when something is transported using hands, body or strength.

Read on for a detailed explanation of the difference between these tricky verbs, then test out your knowledge in the free exercises.


Darling, can you bring me my slippers?

Of course, sweetheart.

Can you bring me the newspaper too?

Anything for you, honeybun.

One more thing, will you bring me a glass of wine and a slice of cake?

Honey I love you, but I only have two hands. I can’t carry all of those things!


  • move/take something towards the speaker/listener/receiver
Can you bring me my slippers?
  • take something with you to another place
Don’t forget to bring your ID tomorrow.

See also take/bring.


  • transport something from one place to another using your hands/body
I can’t carry all those things!
  • take something with you everywhere you go
She always carries her ID card with her.

See also carry/wear.