Phrasal verbs

break down fail to function romperse, estropearse
have a physical or mental collapse sufrir un ataque físico o mental
break in interrupt a discussion interrumpir
burgle forzar la entrada
soften with use (shoes) desgastarse (zapatos)
break off discontinue (therapy, relationship) poner fin (terapia, relación)
break out escape from prison, begin suddenly fugarse/estallar
break up end a relationship cortar (en una relación)
bring about cause to happen ocasionar, dar lugar a
bring forth give birth to crear, producir, hacer, nacer
bring forward draw attention to sth presentar, exponer
bring on cause to happen or appear provocar, suscitar, desatar (una acción)
bring round persuade convencer, engatusar
cause to recover consciousness reanimar
bring up rear, educate a child criar, educar
mention sacar a relucir
vomit vomitar, devolver
call back return a phone call devolver una llamada
call for require pedir, requerir
call in communicate by phone llamar (por teléfono)
consult a specialist consultar (a un especialista)
call off cancel cancelar
call out read names aloud llamar
order workers to strike convocar (una huelga)
call on request sb to do sth hacer un llamamiento
call up reach by phone llamar (por teléfono)
summon for military services llamar a filas, reclutar
carry away remove llevarse, quitar
inspire, affect emotionally inspirar, afectar emocionalmente
carry off take away (by force) llevarse, robar
win sacar adelante, llevar a buen puerto
remove, degrade (earth) quitar, degradar
carry on continue continuar
carry out accomplish, make llevar a cabo, cumplir
carry through complete llevar a término
bring out of difficulties sostener, ayudar a sobrellevar o a superar
come about happen, to be achieved suceder, ocurrir
come across find/meet by chance encontrarse, toparse con
come after follow seguir, ir después
come at attack atacar
reach, discover llegar a, alcanzar
come back return volver
come by pass, go past, visit pasarse por
buy, get conseguir, adquirir
come down fall (price) desmoronarse (precio)
come down to mean, signify ser cuestión de
come down with fall sick with caer enfermo, pillar (una enfermedad)
come in enter, be received entrar
prove to be venir al caso
come in for receive, be object of (criticism) hacerse acreedor de
come off become detached salir de, dejar
come out become known, be published salir a la luz
be removed (stain) quitarse (mancha)
come over come from a distance venir, venirse de
come round visit sb visitar (a alguien)
recover consciousness volver en sí
come to amount to alcanzar (una suma)
arrive/reach a place llegar (a un sitio)
come up be mentioned/discussed plantear, mencionar
(problem) arise surgir (un problema)
come up against be faced with (problems) vérselas con (un problema)
come upon find/meet by chance toparse con
come up to match (a standard) cumplir con
come up with produce an idea inventar, elaborar una idea
do away with abolish eliminar, acabar con
kill deshacerse de, cargarse a
do up dress up reformar
fasten, secure (clothing) abrochar
do with need hacer falta
do without not require apañarse sin
fall apart fall into pieces caerse a pedazos, deshacerse
fall behind fail to keep up pace quedarse atrás
fall for be in love with enamorarse de
be deceived by dejarse engañar
fall in with meet by chance encontrarse, toparse con
coincide with quedar de acuerdo con
fall off decrease disminuir
drop from caerse de
fall out (with) quarrel enfadarse, enojarse con
fall through fail, miscarry fracasar
fall to start an activity eagerly comenzar, ponerse a hacer algo
get across communicate (an idea) comunicar, hacer entender
get along be on good terms with somebody llevarse bien
get away escape escapar
get away with escape (punishment) salir impune
get by manage, cope arreglárselas, apañárselas
get down to turn one’s attention to sth observar con atención
get in enter (car, taxi) subirse a (coche, taxi...)
get off disembark (bus, train etc.) bajar de (autobús, tren)
get on enter (bus, train etc.) subir a (autobús, tren)
get out disembark (car, taxi) bajarse de (coche, taxi)
get over recover (illness, upset) recuperarse, curarse
get through pass (an exam) aprobar (un examen)
be connected on the phone comunicarse con (por teléfono)
get to reach llegar a
get up rise from bed after sleeping levantarse
go against be contrary to (principles, rules) ir en contra de
go along with take the same view estar de acuerdo con
go away depart irse
go down become less disminuir
decrese in price caer (precio)
sink (ship) hundirse (barco)
set (sun) ponerse (el sol)
go for pick up, go and get ir por algo
go off explode explotar
deteriorate (food) echarse a perder, pasarse (comida)
begin to sound (alarm) sonar, dispararse (alarma)
go on continue continuar
go out leave the house salir, irse
on strike declararse (en huelga)
go over inspect the details of sth examinar, revisar
go past pass pasar por delante
go round visit informally pasarse por
go through deal with llevar algo a cabo
discuss in detail repasar, revisar
experience sth (usually bad) sufrir, aguantar, soportar
go up increase in price subir (precio)
explode estallar
go with match combinar con, hacer juego con
keep away prevent from / avoid being near mantener alejado
keep back withhold contener
keep down not to increase no levantar
keep off avoid (a topic) evitar (un tema)
stay away mantenerse fuera de
keep on not stopping doing sth seguir, continuar (haciendo)
keep up continue, carry on seguir, continuar
keep up with not to fall behind sb seguir el ritmo de
look after take care of ocuparse de
look down on regard with a feeling of superiority menospreciar (a alguien)
look for seek buscar
look forward to anticipate with pleasure estar deseando
look into investigate (a crime) investigar
look on be a spectator mirar (como espectador)
regard considerar
look out be careful tener cuidado
look over inspect hastily echar una ojeada
look through pretend not to see ignorar (a alguien)
examine the contents of sth registrar, buscar entre
look up consult a reference book buscar (una palabra)
look up to respect respetar, admirar
make for have/produce a particular effect dar lugar a, provocar
make off run away huir, escapar
make out recognise, distinguish reconocer, distinguir, divisar
make up constitute, form componer
invent a lie inventarse (algo)
put together, prepare hacer, preparar
make up for compensate compensar
regain (time) recuperar (tiempo perdido)
put across express in an understandable way expresar (de forma clara)
put back put sth to its proper place colocar de nuevo en su sitio
lay money aside for the future ahorrar (dinero)
move back the hands of a clock retrasar (el reloj)
put by save for later use apartar, ahorrar
put down repress reprimir, sofocar
write down anotar, apuntar
store (food) almacenar (comida)
put down to give as a reason, attribute to atribuir a
put forward move forward the hands of a clock adelantar (el reloj)
suggest, propose proponer
put in for be a candidate for an election solicitar (empleo)
put on dress oneself with ponerse (ropa)
tease engañar
gain (weight) engordar
put off postpone posponer
put out extinguish (a fire, light) apagar (fuego, luz)
put through connect sb by phone poner en línea, pasar, comunicar con (teléfono)
put up build construir
raise (hand) levantar (la mano)
provide accomodation for alojar, hospedar
offer for sale poner a la venta
put up with tolerate, accept tolerar
run after chase perseguir
run away escape, flee escapar
run down knock down, collide with atropellar
feel weak due to overwork desgastarse
run in imprison detener (encarcelar)
run into meet by chance toparse con
run off escape, flee escapar, huir
run out run outside salir corriendo
become used up agotarse
run out of exhaust one’s stock quedarse sin
run over overflow rebosar, derramarse
study quickly leer por encima
pass over, knock down atropellar
run up against meet with difficulties tener que vérselas con alguien
set aside reserve for later use reservar, guardar
set back hinder, slow down a progress retrasar
set down write down dejar por escrito
set off cause to explode hacer estallar
start a journey partir
set up start business poner en marcha (un negocio)
take after follow sb as an example tener a alguien de ejemplo
resemble in appearance parecerse a
take down write down apuntar
take in understand (meaning) entender
deceive tomar el pelo
take off undress quitarse (la ropa)
begin flight (plane) despegar (avión)
take to develop a habit aficionarse a, tomar la costumbre de
take up continue, proceed continuar con
become interested in involucrarse en
take up with begin to associate with unirse, juntarse (con alguien)
turn down diminish the intensity bajar (el volumen)
reject rechazar
turn in hand in entregar
turn off switch off apagar
turn on switch on encender
turn out switch off apagar
turn over bring the reverse side up dar la vuelta (a algo)
turn up increase the intensity aumentar, subir (el volumen)
make an appearance aparecer